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COBATY International and the general interest

 As regards public interest, our approach works on three complementary levels:

 Political :

 -          As far as possible, to make known and raise awareness of the issues related to the professions and activities of the members and associate members among EU officials and managers.

-          To listen closely and come up with common issues and to tighten the links with European professional organisations.

Technical :

-          To ensure the circulation of information regarding the topics addressed by the European institutions, in particular by the Commission but also the Parliament and specialised bodies, mainly those regarding the construction and urban planning sector as well as related fields.

-          To make the members and associate members experts fit into the forums, follow-up committees and/or specialised technical committees working on European studies and policies that are likely to share their vision and/or enrich their professional experience.

-          To contribute to calls for proposals or studies undertaken by the members and associate members.

Organisation and/or public relations aspects :

-          To get EU representatives involved in the public relations of organisations those are members or associate members.

Thus, as regards this approach,the following are concerned:


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