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COBATY International : Who we are

International Association for Construction, Urban Planning and the Environment and which gathers the professionals of the “act of building,” COBATY International came from the French association COBAY France which was born more than five decades ago and created by men who favored positive exchanges to confrontation.

Regrouping a variety of professionals with diverse occupations including architects, lawyers, finance, engineers, entrepreneurs, materials manufacturers, geometricians or developers from the private or public sectors, or both, enables the setting of an approach aiming at improving the “living conditions” through a permanent dialogue between these professionals and a privileged dialogue with public authorities. COBATY International claims its independence and stresses its non-political, non-corporatist, and non-confessional character, inscribing its actions within the framework of the general interest and common good.  

We are indeed convinced that without the effective participation of citizens, it is completely illusory to engage into a “sustainable development” approach.

We utter that the “construction actors” represented by the women and men part of COBATY are those who could and should serve in priority as links between the citizens and the authorities being at the local, national or European levels, thanks to the diversity created by their different occupations and the complementary ways through which they resolve problems,

Combining the complementary and transversal professions linked to the city that are regrouped in COBATY International to the capacity of the “Men of Art” to translate the individual and collective wishes enables us as Cobaty members to look for constants and to engage ourselves into the dynamic aiming to develop an educating approach to the “sustainable city” which gathers today all expectations.

In an urban world in which current tendencies are still oriented toward an increasing urbanization, the “Men of the Art” has the power to create through its central positioning between the authorities and the citizens a neutral space capable to favor dialogue and understanding between the two previously mentioned major city actors.

Its belonging to civil society and its particular expertise in domains crucial to the creation of the “live together” – expression of the social linkage wished by all – shall be associated to “ethics,” needed to get the confidence and support of all the persons involved. 

We altogether claim this specificity which makes the contribution of each Cobaty member in current debates, depending on the themes related to his/her activity, peculiar due to its birth from the positive confrontation of ideas within the framework of crossed, friendly, and pacified exchanges.

It is through this approach peculiar to Cobaty members and combining competencies to voluntary engagement, cross-professionalism leading to a multi-disciplinary body, and honesty in discourse that we attempt to contribute in proposing acceptable solutions through and for the largest number.

It is this approach very specific to Cobaty members and that gives content and meaning to the expression “expert and responsible civil society” which we consider to represent.

COBATY International wishes to develop through the assertion of its values and the exemplarity of its actions its presence through the creation of new associations, relying on women and men sharing the same ambitions. 





Adoption during the General Assembly in Milano (08/05/2013) of new provisions as regards membership : legal persons and natural persons 


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